How to Vote for HOA Officer’s with EZ Vote

You may be fed up with hearing about this year’s 2016 election, so we decided to put a different spin on our thoughts for the election. We realize that the title of this blog post may have you wondering what we are thinking, and your first response may be to want to look elsewhere, but if you keep reading, we promise to provide some great information in a different way!

Voting for HOAs with EZ Vote is much different than voting for the President of the United States (as is should be). There are a lot of things that you would consider for someone who will be running your HOA that you would not consider for the President and vice versa. The reason it may be a good idea to think about the election this way is because when you vote in smaller elections like your HOA election, you are better able to see how the results of your vote will impact you directly. For the Presidential election, many people feel that their vote does not count or that no matter who they vote for, the results will not have an impact on them. No matter what you believe your impact on the election and the President’s impact on your life will be, it is important to consider your vote carefully.

For argument’s sake, let us pretend that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both running for the empty spot on the board for your condo complex. Let us dive into the analysis of each candidate to determine what information voters should be looking at when they consider these candidates. Below are the questions that we have determined to be the most important questions to ask (at least when it comes to voting for a position on your HOA board).

Which of the candidates do you believe will encourage open meetings in which they allow HOA members to speak up about their concerns and participate without interruption?

Is there a candidate who you believe would be best prepared for developing and maintaining the budget for your HOA?
Is there a candidate who you believe might open your condo complex to issues with contractors, tenants, and other stakeholders?
Which candidate do you believe would have the community’s thoughts in mind, and consider how the decisions made will affect every person involved in the condominium community?
Is there a candidate who you think might debunk the system and say that voting for HOAs with EZ Vote allowed someone to rig the entire election?

You should consider how you would answer these questions for each client before putting in your vote this year because ultimately these same questions will have an impact on the Presidential election as well.